Monday, April 30, 2012

New The Dark Night Rises Trailer

Oh... Updates....

I understand the need... Hold that thought. I just drove past a 45-ish year old man who was kinda jogging/walking, when he stopped and put his arms out kind of shouting at me. It took me a while to realize his aggressive posturing/shouting was in fact at ME. As I passed I think he said something about "slowing down" followed by some expletives. I looked at my speedometer, it was at 29-30 mph. Speed limit posted was 25. So I'm driving just fine, I thought to myself. You sir just appear to be an asshole looking for a little confrontation to get the blood pumping. I had a half a mind to drive around the block and ask him what he was saying? Then proceed to tool him up a bit with "Hammer and Diablo" (what I've just now decided to name my left and right fist). But alas, a grown up person should not behave in such a manner. But come on people, my point here is you can't just be yelling at people all tough guy like unless you are actually intending to do something about it. Don't be an asshole just to be an asshole. You never know what other kind of potentially dangerous asshole you may come across.

Oh! in case you hadn't noticed, I am doing some updating to the blog we have officially retired the old logo/masthead. Eh... it was never really all that great anyway. Above you will see a temporary place holder until I can get around to making a new one. If any of you readers have a problem with any functionality or aesthetics of the little reDesign. Please share. Thanks as always!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ComputerDeathComment No.1

If you have ever spent time reading some of the comments that people leave on YouTube, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc... You know of some of the pure fucking gold out there. Here is one I read today in a "discussion" about this 2012 Red Dwarf meme that's going around a little bit. The video is not even worth watching but it's a solar system time lapse graphic that shows the projection of a red dwarf swinging through our solar system and fucking us all to hell this year. It's bullshit and was made with some iPhone app called Univese Sand-Box er something. Anyway I was scrolling through the comments and saw this one I thought was funny:

"Also, dinosaurs died from digging deep holes to hide in.  Then they fell asleep.  That's how we get fossils.  Everyone knows that!"

Crazy Assholes No.1

Let's be honest, what's the first thing you think when you hear "Utah". It could be any number of things; Karl Malone, Park City, The Spiral Jetty, Mormons... But for me it's usually more like, "Utah, oh probably weirdos"... Now I don't want to isolate any of my readership by saying something bad about a place people call home, home is where the heart is after all right? So Utah, you're cool with me and CDS5K but look what these dumb assholes did inside of you!

Meet Steven Rutkowski, 19, and Kai Matthew Christensen, 21. They went ahead and set up fatally dangerous booby traps in a popular and frequently visited state park. A Utah forrest park ranger was out on patrol for hippies smoking weed in the forest when he noticed that someone had placed a trip wire before the entrance of "The Fort" a locally known shelter pictured below. Often families and children are playing in and around this Fort.

The officer noticed that the trip wire was attached to a 45 lb. rock that had sharpened stakes attached to it. Once tripped as you are down on hands and knees making entrance. You would get a face full of swinging spike rock and probably death. Thanks guys!

There was another tripwire at the second entrance to "The Fort" that would cause the camper or hiker to fall forward onto Indiana Jones-ish spikey sticks.

I hope these little bastards get their comeuppance this is a bullshit thing to do you crazy assholes. We hope you guys die now... Yeah, how do you like that!   via

Viva Russia!

More site views for CDS5K this week from Russia than the USA (only 1, but still!) I could barely believe it, How Cool is that! Thanks Computer Death Russians! I'll come visit as soon as I can, also if anyone is interested in showing me around and providing me with some "handlers", let me know. I may defect as a US citizen if this keeps up! (just kidding, haha) Can I get in trouble for saying that? I'm not serious USA, I still love you baby... Don't go throwing me indefinitely behind bars for no reason. Thanks for pushing through that NDAA law by the way... Real nice guys, I know it's old news but what the fuck!? I still can't believe this is an actual law.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm gonna buy a motorcycle soon...

Here is one I found tonight I kinda love but with out that "SRX" plastic front on it... I would tak that off so it would just have headlight in front, I think this will look awesome.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Thing I Want No.5

Here is another product I keep seeing online and every time I do, I think... I should get this. It has come down in price since I found it, from $299 down to $140 now, and with all the freelance I'm doing, I should have plenty of money to piss away on silly, but necessary items like this! It comes with a remote and has the entire color wheel to paint your room with the touch of a finger. Nothing says "let's get weird and have a futuristic sex party" like the Phillips Living Color LED lamp. WANT!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


So the ultimate dream would be to diversify CDS5K with a "Network" of different media sources. Could this be the next member of the CDS5K team... Only time will tell. This blog would probably be more for bitches, I guess, but not in a mean way. Think Pintrest, but with hard core anal... But my advice would be get on board. It's going to be HUGE! (in the Netherlands...)


I'd prefer not, but not bad for such short notice. It's for a Social Media Marketing company that a clients friend is starting up...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

C2E2 = BEST DAY OF MY LIFE... wait... :(

Here is my C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) SHOW & TELL... It's basically like ComicCon to the Layman. I have never been to one of these things, but have been a comic book fan most of my life. It was so great! I spent a million dollars on some art... THIS IS THAT ART! you may click to enlarge all of the photos...

BlankaCat from Tom Kelly, he was doing these awesome Illustrations on pieces of cardboard... I love Street Fighter so I had to get this...

BatCatGirl obvi another Tom Kelly piece for CDL...

GhostRider from Mr. Nair Marvel artist out of Charlotte...

Spidey another one from Rising Marvel star Mr. Nair... This one almost made me late for work but gave me time to drink a couple vodkas while I waited.

WadeWilson by Deadpool artist EJay Russel, Pretty stoked I got some Deadpool art from him! That is all! DEADPOOL!

Wolfie by JonBoy Meyers, I wish I knew more about GI JOE because that's mostly what he does now. But he does a lot of Wolverine too, so he cranked this beaut out for me!

NinjaScroll21 Original pre-ink, pencil panels for final book by JonBoy Meyers. So detailed, So beautiful picture doesn't do it justice...

NinjaScroll22 also bought the next page from this book from JonBoy Meyers...

Zombie fine art print signed by The Walking Dead artist Tony Moore. You know that show on AMC, well it couldn't have happened without him! Way too much money for Original art tho like STARTED @ $300!

TeamZissou limited edition screen print from Sean Morey. Inspired by Wes Anderson's film Life Aquatic one of my all time favorite movies! Managed to snag the second to last print! This is another one that the photo doesn't quite do justice...

SeaBear & GrizzlyShark I got this comic along time ago and was a little disappointed by the fact that it was only gonna be a one shoot from The Astounding Wolfman's artist Jason Howard. I did not have my copy but I bought another and got the "JH12" signature!

OH and if I forgot to mention, I also MET VAL "FUCKING" KILMER!

All in all it was a pretty great day... Now what am I gonna do with all this shit... :-/

Friday, April 6, 2012


In the event of zombie doomsday preparation. Whenever the government, aliens or mother nature decides to unleash its wrath upon humanity, it would serve well to do some strategic stockpiling. I came upon the Agilite IPC (Injured Personal Carrier) while doing a little stockpiling myself. The IPC allows you to carry an injured person "comfortably" like a back pack. In theory, the IPC allows the wearer to evacuate a wounded person and keep their hands free to operate a weapon or navigate difficult terrain. As you can see from the image this is probably the worst piece of equipment one could utilize in a zombie outbreak... You bout to get cold MercKed by your soon to be zombie comrade. However this could work for carting your fat ass kids around a Six Flags or Disney World. Leaving them and you hands free to scarf down corn dogs and churros. In that case go get one you fat fucks!

CDS5K and the Mikers.