Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Computer Death Dinner No.2

That's right, even people with perfect bodies can eat like chubby sluts! Pulled Pork Cheeseburger FTW! Consumed at Revolution Brewery along with beers and stuff!

Real Life Lichtenstein!

Amazing Halloween costume from CDS5K's biggest fan in the Netherland's, Babarella Albertina. Wow, you look amazing Bab's! Sorry I'll call soon. Nice job on bringing the Pop Art icon Roy Lichtenstein's work to life!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Computer Death Dinner No.1

They (Abraham Lincoln) always say, blog about what you know... Apparently all I know is food right now. Computer Death Food Screen continues with what I ate tonight: Fish / Salsa / Potatoes. I can probably start thinking about retiring "tilt-shift" too eh? No. Never mind I like it still.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Computer Death Injury No.1

This is what I get for deep cleaning my bedroom.. It's so clean now btw, I can sleep under my bed if I wanted to. But, I don't know if it's just a clumsy thing I have or what, but I feel like I bleed more often than the average person. Basically, the interesting story that caused this injury was a candle votive I knocked down broke and tried to kill me as I was cleaning it up. Fascinating.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WikiLeaks vs. FaceBook

Wikileaks >

Don't worry...

Based on how little I put up here, compared to how much I should. I think you guys will be okay. But I think this serves as fair warning... It is possible, so mind your feeds.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Computer Death Lunch No.2

Sunomono Salad: Ika (Spicy Squid), Shrimp, King Crab, and Octopus with Seaweed and Cucumber. It was so fkn delicious, I coulda just pee'd on someone. It's basically made with all the ugliest creatures of the sea. If you or someone you know thinks they might be the father of a Sunomono Salad and will be in the Chicagoland area. Call us @ (800) CDS-5000.
And go fuck yourselves! ;)

Computer Death Breakfast No.1

Toasted Onion Bagel, Turkey, Fried Egg, Avocado and Munster Cheese. It was so worth not having time to masturbate this morning! ;) Winkers of course. I would never take part in that kinda thing. I'm a Christian!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Night Shennanigans No.4

Changed my wall paper for the first time since the default Mac Space shit...

Friday Night Shennanigans No.3

So, I got a clean ass kitchen, laundry going full blast, a stomach full of Ahi Tuna... Nothing left now to do but check out this new Pan Am show I just downloaded, I just hope the show is cool for bro's and ain't just for bitches. It's gonna be a late night Y'all I got the first 3 epi's on lock!

Friday Night Shennanigans No.2

Shit continued to fly off the chain tonight when I was like, "Let's make some mother fuckin' Seared Ahi Tuna Y'all!" It was so good that I didn't even have the patience to take a picture of it when it was ready to eat! Shit is Popping off tonight!

Friday Night Shennanigans No.1

It's been a pretty crazy Friday night over here in CDS5K country. Had to hit up the grocery store and noticed that Cheer laundry detergent updated it's identity and packaging... Needless to say, I was like "Daaaaaaamn, that shit is dope girl."

Friday, October 21, 2011


I had what is probably the craziest lucid dreaming session to date this morning that went on for about 3 or 4 hours! I would find myself in the dream and I was working things out inside my subconscious. For example, most of this all took place in my own house so I was confused a lot of the time as to whether or not I was awake. I remember at one point in the dream I was at the entry door to my garage and I thought to myself if I punch the wall it shouldn't hurt, so I did a few time in different locations the door, the wall and a steel post. There was a small sensation of pressure on my hand, but not pain. So I went one further and punched the light bulb next to the door it broke and popped with light but no pain, and no blood. This was just one of the few sessions I had this morning.

Each time I really started figuring a couple things out and starting to try and have some fun they slipped away and I ended up back in the sleep paralysis state. I can best describe this for me as a strange in between of being awake and aware of your real surroundings, like I can hear if a truck drives by my house or my heat kicks on or there is a fan going in my room. BUT there are also elements of subconscious that I can distinguish as not real, which means I am still lucid, Right? For example, this morning when I would slip out of a lucid dream, I'd get the sleep paralysis thing, where I know I am asleep but I can't wake myself up. I'll hear my heat kick on but then I also heard voices and people moving about my house. I know this sounds terrifying and I imagine it could be, but these were familiar voices, sounded or reminded me of family and friends. All the chatter is unintelligible and couldn't be made out, but it was definitely loud.

I had one session where I went straight from this sleep paralysis state into another full on visual lucid dream. For this one this morning I was in this paralysis state and heard my heating duct blowing, but there was a piece of paper that kept making this noise from the heat blowing on it. So I got out of bed, and it was a piece of blank vellum or tracing paper stuck between the wood frame and mirror. I know that this is not there in my waking life so I proceeded to walk around my house knowing I was in a dream state and see what I could do. I step out of my bedroom door and my living room is dark, I tell myself that I want to have sex and as I walk toward what appears to be a pile of blankets an anonymous naked woman is underneath them and I had sex with her. You're probably like, "Yeah fucking right dude! This isn't Weird Science where you can just make an anonymous woman to have sex with!" But, I did, and for the most part it felt like real sex. It was fleeting at best and I didn't C in my P's er anything, but for a short time it did happen. I hope this isn't getting to creepy, but I just wanna get everything down that I can because there is already so much I have forgotten, and it was one of the best examples of lucid dreaming I've ever had as far as control and manifestation goes.

I'm continuing to explore my own house and there is a boom box in the kitchen on the counter by my espresso machine, it's lit up in blue and totally working on its own, scrolling channels and things, I can't say I remember music or talking coming from it, but I know it came to rest on an AM station starting with 4 (which coincidentally is my favorite number) and having two other digits so AM 4??. I specifically tried to read numbers and words in my dream when I could remember to, because I've heard that you really can't do it. I felt like I was able to while I was dreaming, so who knows, I can't remember the radio station so... But that's about it. Again I hope I'm not weirding anyone out, but the subconscious mind is a fascinating subject to me and I feel like it might be a vastly untapped resource for gaining knowledge. Everything in a lucid dream still seems and feels very real, regardless of the fact you know you are dreaming or not. The only other thing I can say for sure about the rest of the experiences this morning is that I can say I went into sleep paralysis about 5-6 times and always when I was going from one dream to another. The other little details I can pull is that the light outside and in my house was apropos of the hours this was actually happening, Early morning dawn very blue, still dancing on the cusp of night (poetic).

Below is a banner ad for a website that specializes in this subject and could be a valuable resource if you are interested in learning more. Just don't sleep your lives away everyone!.. I'm talking to you Neatherland's ;) winkers > lucidipedia

Zepplin & Motor Mouth Jones...

So, Here is Motormouth Jones doing a fab Led Zeppelin rendition! Since the first songs I ever learned to play on the guitar were random East Bay punk rock jamz and LZ this vid is near and dear to mi corazon. Btw all the crazy electric guitar riffs you're hearing is his voice... And also I beatboxed last night!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Possibly Dark Matter...

"The Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope recently produced a map of the night sky, and out of 1873 new sources, nearly 600 were complete mysteries."

Basically what this means is that out of all the energy (light) received by the telescope via Gamma Rays (the stuff the incredible hulk is made out of), scientists can detect the source of this energy as pulsars, or something like supernovas (standard shit). But they are detecting shitloads of strong ass Gamma Rays, from an undetectable source... Dark Matter, that orange belt through the center of the "all sky map" represents the location of the Dark Matter energy sources, and while scientists may have their theories of what Dark Matter actually is. I can say with great confidence that Dark Matter acts as inter-dementional/stellar/galactic/universal/megaversal portals to travel around these places at your leisure... Or it is a completely Parallel version of those previously mentioned things, making infinate layers and versions of everything we know, continuing on in an infinite reflective fractal. So that's set, looks like I just figured out the universe and stuff... Actually I did!... just figured out Dark Matter. Take that you pussy ass Theoretical & Astrophysicists of the world! I didn't even major in Harvard when I went to college either, just smoked a little weed today.

This Looks Interesting!

Tequila Cat!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hey Guys...

I just want you all to know that I Love You... and you are looking very sharp.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

God Damn I'm Bad at Bloggin'...

So sometimes I get busy and don't have the time to "Doogie Howser MD" myself up here on CDS5K, But if I do have a split second I'll try to post something. I made this thingy last night and it's about a recurring dream I've had the last couple of months in which I am basically playing with a white snake, the first time on my kitchen floor, the second in my parent's basement. Basically, there is this white snake that keeps trying to bite me but it has no teeth and I just kinda keep fucking with it. There was one moment where it tried to start swallowing my thumb and index finger, but I just ripped it away and continued to basically tease this thing that definitely wanted to kill me. I understand this dream is ripe for metaphoric interpretation, but I don't believe we have any idea what the fuck our sub-conscience means, so I refuse to speculate on that. But I think there is a pretty good chance that someone close to me is trying to kill me... Oh shit... I guess this is where schizophrenia finally starts setting in. If I ask you if you are a white snake, just ignore it and continue to talk about whatever. Thx!