Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Batman Eating a Hotdog...

Pretty Self-Explanatory...

The Dead Wrestlers Society

The UK boutique design house "I Love Dust" put together an art show centered around profession (dead) wrestlers. I'm instantly reminded of my childhood, Summer Slam, Battle Royal and Wreslemania parties... They were the raddest ever, so are these prints! Enjoy!

Never Really Yelped Before...

Ok Fine..

Good work Adrian Johnson... Whoever you are.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zombie vs. Shark

So if I don't have time to sit and make CDS5K propaganda or talk in-depth (briefly) about something I really wanna talk about... I'll just put up pictures of things that are so great, nothing really needs to be said. These will also be posts from my mobile computing device, which limits my photoshopping and typical convenience... BUT that doesn't mean that it doesn't belong up here. So with that, Zombie Vs. Shark, I don't know what this is probably just fun, but I'm in for a TV series, Broadway musical, Movie or Comic book under the same title for sure!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Diddy has a Drinking Problem...

or is it a SOLUTION!?

You'll Get the Telescope...

Just a few more lawns to go before summer is over, but stay up guy, you might even start hanging out with the cool kids and even date the hot girl.

Beware of the Fruit Bat!

So, I was at the gymnasium this morning, trolling the locker room for wrinkly old dicks, and boy, did I hit the jackpot today! I typically don't frequent my gym during the earlier hours of the day and now I know why it should be avoided. Basically from the hours of 8am and 11am, the fitness center turns into some kind of social club for 60+ closeted homosexuals looking for a place to let it all hang out, and hopefully engage in some polite conversation. I'm by no means homophobic, I've been to the Pride Parade and have friends who have "chosen" (jk) to be gay, but come on guys, lets cover it up. This is by no means a new premise, this has been a long standing unfortunate social stigma amongst gym goers, yet every time I encounter it, I'm blown away. You can do whatever you want on your own time, but please don't treat this family friendly gym as you're own Turkish bath house. Anyway that's my little rant on guy's all but touching dicks in the locker room. For the last time, COVER IT UP! and never look me in the eyes. I created a term for this that I will submit to the all powerful Urban Dictionary...

Fruit Bat
(froot' bat) - An gentleman in the latter years of his life who lets the suppressed, Catholic guilt-stricken exhibitionist, flourish in the lockeroom of the local health club. The relationship attributes to the Fruit Bat include a towel (wings) draped over shoulders instead of his dangling fruit.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thoughts on a Movie No.18

The Perfect Movie Edition
I finally saw the movie I have been looking forward to ever since I knew of it's FINtastic existence, Shark Night 3D. Y'all know how very super much sharks mean to me. Not just in a "Hey Guy's, it's Shark Week..." kinda way, but more in the sense that they're all I ever think about, every day of my land loving life! My obsession can even be cripplingly irrational, to the point where I can't even go in lakes, pools or take a shower. That said, I basically lose my mind whenever a new shark movie is lurking on the horizon, and the case was no different for Shark Night 3D.

The story is a classic slasher film set up. A group of college co-eds are heading up to a lake house for the weekend for some kind of sinful booze-fueled sex party. Little do they know that the party is about to be brought to a bloody halt at the discovery of the fact this Louisiana salt water lake is teeming with killer sharks. I really don't need to say all that much more as far as summarizing the story, nor am I a fan of giving away spoiler's to the audience of CDS5K. But I believe you get the gist of where this all goes.

Overall, in addition to quenching my thirst for seeing twenty something stereotypes (The Black, Football star from the ghetto, gets it first... so, much for no spoilers), it was really pretty great visually as well. The 3D elements were great, and it's not just because of the weed okay, they really were. A lot of these movies are getting past the 3D gimmic of just having shit fly at you and focusing on creating rich color and depth. This is best illustrated by the sweeping aerial landscapes and underwater screen shots.

Shark Night is laughable most of the time, but in a good way, I'm giving it a 4.05 out of 5 deathmarx. See it in the theater in 3D!!

Quote of the Movie:
"It was really great to see you Dennis"
-Sara genuinely says, after an encounter where her racist ex-boyfriend and his pal start a fight with her friends at the local bait shop.

Social Media Propaganda

Here is an Orwellian take on some of the social media sites that run our lives. I'm putting them up here because I like them, almost as much as I like calling something "Orwellian"

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