Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movies I Should reWatch


I'm sorry for all the slacking I've done these last couple of months. especially to CDS5k reader's abroad (outside of the US of A). You guys are my life, my love and my eternal warriors of love. You are my soul mates. This photo was taken about a week ago. It's been strategically placed here to illustrate the intensity that I plan on bringing to my blog and the pills I will be putting in your drink while you are in the bathroom.

Custom Art from Oskunk

I think I've posted some of this work on here before but this guy's stuff is so fun to look at, I just wanna do stuff to them. Basically, if you're into vintage video gaming and graffiti I think you will really enjoy it also. That's a pretty specific group... Not to say that I'm "into" vintage video games, I'm not... Unless you want me to be then I am. Anyway have a look at his blog and thank me for introducing you to Oskunk. >>>>>>>>

Hot Dog Roll

Beef Hot Dog, rolled in rice and tempura fried.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something is Suspect

I saw this on my movin' picture box this morning and realized that they might have something besides pizza and milk. Outside of their unexplainable hunger it would seem as though they also have some cocaine... or did!