Saturday, February 9, 2013

Time Traveling Again...

(Last Night)
I'm waiting for a taxi...

Who would win in a fight: Cash Cab or Taxi Cab Confessions on HBO? Why did I have to say the network along with Taxi Cab Confessions? What network even is Cash Cab on? Discovery? TLC? It's probably sydicated at this point point, yes? Or not since... Duhn Duhn....

(Today, this afternoon)
You know what? Lets just pick-up not where we left off. Fortunately I didn't have to break a window to get into my house last night. Just used the still broken one from last time, Duh!? Also, I've been staring at a screen of Zodiac killer symbols for the last two days on my other monitor (rich remember?) from a Google search... and why, do you ask did I Google search for "Zodiac Killer Symbols"? So... I can draw them on the piece of a $1 bill that I had torn off... Left in locker #33 at the gym... I actually did this... Why? The obvious answer is to kill the person that happens upon the drawn on $1 bill... But, I won't know who found it. I guess I can ask then kill the person if they have it or knows who found it. But, then the cops would be like. "Anyone, suspicious asking about the murder victim?" Yes, actually, that guy right there! Lets get him.... No. That won't quite work. Also, earlier today, I screamed fuck you to the sky and claimed to be master of the universe. I feel bad about that now. I am constantly at your mercy Universe, Multi-Verse and all the Gods and Aliens and things. I snapped, but as you know it was with happiness and "my way" of praising you that I had found my keys in the parking lot of Tracy's Tavern! Thank you once again. As we all know you (Universe, Multi-Verse and all the Gods and Aliens and things) are the Master(s) of the Universe. That's Right, the Universe is the master of the Universe... In a fragmented multidimensional kind of way of course... And that's why we are here and now. So, pretty much just explained that shit.  

I'm going to throw up I'm so hungry.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Loser! Yep! You! You! You! JK, I was looking at the last post and thought the next logical step was to continue into that kind of diatribe, no... What's Up? Whatcha been doin? Cool, Cool. Yeah me too. Well, Maybe I should starting putting things inside of you?  I am Here "Sancho Migelito, Arriba, Arriba, Andele, Andele Janusanto" (Your unknown previous life name when you were an awesome mexican version of youself)... I'm CDS5K, I will always be here. Thanks, Yeah I know, it's just that I think I'd rather be dreaming than awake some of the time. At least the control features of the subconscious are more logical than reality based controls... I think I meant to say the "User Interface" of the subconscious really clicks when it does. When you do, it makes literally anything possible, and seemingly real at the time. Like the best video game ever because your making it... Okay, this is sounding really ghey. "Ghey", I think, is some kind of non-offensive way to express the adopted playground vernacular of calling something "gay", meaning lame. Which we know gay people are not. They are partying always and fucking and doing drugs. It most certainly is not lame or gay. So that's I think why I started seeing "ghey" online, and also why you see it here and now. Okay then so are you going to be coming back around this part of the internet or do you want me to release your browser history to your facebook (which I don't even know why you have not very punk rock dude, not very punk rock at all)? Pssssh, yeah, do whatever you want CDS5K, because I really don't care if people know what it takes for a man who has seen everything, to get to where he needs to be. Is that Punk Rock? As long as, someone knows who I am and I don't know who they are, the context of this knowledge is irrelevant. No do your fucking job and find me a fucking job that I don't have to work a fucking JOB!!!! FUCK YOU!!... sorry :(

In the part of the above play that I'm finishing up right now called "All Trumpets Zing when You Do!" The Part of CDS5K is indicated by red italics. This is part of the concept of the piece, that you don't know until the end.

So in a complete sort of wrap-up of what I'm trying to say... There is a 50-50 chance that I will Jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, Blow my brains out, as I land into the mouth of a Great White Shark, bullet also puncturing shark's brain, not killing but grazing the Pineal Gland, locking him in a permanent euphoric but vegetative state.


Nothing, Nothing, Nothing!