Monday, November 12, 2012

Someone Wants to Kill Me!?

So, I was checking out some stats for CDS5K today and I stumbled upon this little nugget of a thing that happened. Someone got to my blog by way of googling "januska murder". Above you see a portion of my site views that came by way of keyword search. i.e. 3 people ended up here because they googled "nut shot" and my blog came up... and one person, apparently my future murderer, googled "januska murder". I think I know who you are future killer... the pre-cogs have revealed you!

I dunno, thought it was weird. I guess it's not that weird right?... It's weird.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another iPhone Post Attempt, AKA: Worst Movie Review of All Time

Lets see how this goes. I really need to find a way to blog on my stupid blog as much as I can. Otherwise, what is the point. May as well just drink a little bit, pop on some porno, and remove yourself from this plain of existence. What else is there?... So much more my friends, so very much more. Like this movie "Special" I'm watching right now. Michael Rapaport is the main character who is selected for a drug study to help with his depression sourced through his mundane day to day... Geez, who can relate to that!?! It was new in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy section of Netflix... I just wanna go on record and say I'm here mostly for the Sci-Fi (Fantasy Shit ((except for GameOT)) is for nerdy bitches).

ALSO!!! What is going on outside my house right now? It's super windy and things are hitting it. Please stop.

Side effect of the drug is that he can like levitate. And run thru walls. And hear people's thoughts. And teleport. And time travel. But only in his own mind. Or is it? Haven't gotten to the reveal yet. This post can also serve as the worst movie review of all time! "Special" is actually pretty entertaining so far tho (40 minutes in).

Kind of similar to that movie "Super" I was all obsessed with a while back, with Rainn Wilson. Why do you think Michael Rapaport talks the way he does. It's kinda like Long Islandy (I know nothing about NYC), and back in the day it was way "urban". He's definitely dialed it back. Was Michael Rapaport ever a rapper? I've always wondered that, but it might only be because of his last name and "urban" cadence. We'll never know...

Actually this movie was meh, I've just seen too much like it recently. I've seen so much better movies lately, like Looper! I'm sorry you had to be here for this one. Also, I have no idea how these photos will post to my blog. It's given me no options. I added text with InstaFont. There is no Photoshop app. There is, but it's just got a bunch of crappy filters. This whole post has been done on iPhone. I'm sure I will be displeased with how it looks... Here goes!

Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Going to Blog Today...

I am. But, I have a couple things to do first.


Truely, truely, truely, outrageous,

M to the J and CDS5K

p.s. I think Bruce got a nose job before shooting Jaws (4): The Revenge.