Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bane Follow-Up Post...

You know, I've heard a few ladies make mention of how hot Tom Hardy is... And although I really like the guy and loved "Bronson". I refuse to believe that Tom Hardy is better looking, stronger, more talented, wealthier or generally more successful than me. To prove it, I present you these pictures of Tom Hardy walking around set while his stand-in was doing scenes with Bat Bale. Sorry to bum out all your Russian lady boners! :(

Monday, July 30, 2012

BANECTAR'S Gotham City Uprise Playlist...

If you might have guessed, I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Knight Rises when I saw it one week ago today. Never Forget! The character of Bane played by Tom Hardy was the favorite aspect of the film for me! With the rest of the cast I was beginning to think I was watching Inception 2: The Crooks from Kathmandu... or whatever Christopher Nolan will call it. I'm digressing here a little. So, yeah Bane was pretty bad ass, so much so that I've been thinking about Bane, impersonating Bane... I did what any other Oscar winning actor would do. I started to think about what else Bane does... Outside of being a living Anarchy Samurai... What are his favorite things? I don't have to tell you if you've seen the movie, but Protein shakes I'm sure he likes... What kind of music does an Anarchy Samurai listen to? I own that btw now, "Anarchy Samurai" is official intellectual property of CDS5k. My initial thought was that he would obviously be into Anarcho Punk stuff... Then I thought probably based on his get up he might be more of a Rammstien/Powerman 5000 villain, but then I remembered they haven't been relevant in the last 12-14 years. In Powerman 5000's case, relevance never existed, except for hearing that he was Rob Zombie's brother or something. Then I thought I nailed it by thinking he would totally be listening to like, super dirty, crunchy Dubstep stuff... Still no... BUT I was riding around with Bane the other day teaching him how to back around a corner and observe school zones... and guess what, he left his 5GB Microsoft Zune in my car!!! So now we have a little insight to what Bane might listen to as he systematically destroys the system, you'll be surprised:
  1. "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" (Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes) – 4:47
  2. "Be My Baby" (The Ronettes) – 2:37
  3. "She's Like the Wind" (Patrick Swayze) – 3:51
  4. "Hungry Eyes" (Eric Carmen) – 4:06
  5. "Stay" (Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs) – 1:34
  6. "Yes" (Merry Clayton) – 3:15
  7. "You Don't Own Me" (The Blow Monkeys) – 3:00
  8. "Hey! Baby" (Bruce Channel) – 2:21
  9. "Overload" (Alfie Zappacosta) – 3:39
  10. "Love Is Strange" (Mickey & Sylvia) – 2:52
  11. "Where Are You Tonight?" (Tom Johnston) – 3:59
  12. "In the Still of the Night" (The Five Satins) – 3:03
So, after getting about three songs in, I realized that the only songs on Bane's Zune are the ones from the original 1987 Soundtrack of Dirty Dancing. I would never have guessed it. But, if I can just take a moment and get serious here? Because, this is what CDS5K is all about, we wanna bring you the truth once and for all, on the topics that shape the future of the human race. So here it is. An album I downloaded on a whim a few years ago but never really listened to, came onto my shuffle. The artist is called Tear Gas & Plate Glass, I was gonna skip right through it... But I let it play, and it hit me, THIS IS WHAT BANE WOULD LISTEN TO!

A Clockwork Orange Animated GIF...

I don't know of I love or hate A Clockwork Orange... I think I love it, but it's unsettling to say the least. On a different level of analysis, that's basically my pre-work routine happening right there...

Full Metal Jackect Animated GIF

It would appear that they did Insanity in the Marines... This is Kubrick No.2 BTW, there will be more... There will be more... Fucking BurPees are the worst!

Pink Panther Animated GIF...

Thank God my dad had exquisite comedic taste when I was a child. If you haven't revisited or ever visited Peter Sellars as the Pink Panther, do yourself a fucking favor!

The Shining Animated GIF...

Yuuup! Still going, all work and no play... I'm watching this movie too.

Alien Animated GIF...

I don't care what anyone says Prometheus was bad ass, so is Alien, so is Ridley Scott, so is Ripley...

American Psycho Animated GIF...

'Merican Psycho FTW tonight?...

Life Aqautic Animated GIF

Still haven't see new WA movie, what's it called? Moonlight something...? But maybe I'll watch this too tonight...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

From Hell Animated GIF...

God I also love this movie... I've got a lot of movies to watch tonight!

Old Boy Animated GIF...

God I love this movie, I'm watching it tonight before bed, total comfort film right there...

This Week or so in Photos...

In the event you have been living under a rock, frozen coffee is the latest hipster trend this summer.

Here you will see my point illustrated. These are my brand new Sassafrass Striped Thatcher prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker official sponsor of CDS5K (not sponsor).

I started endorsing checks as my alter-ego...

Turns out there was a huge hole in my roof, going to cost me $3500 to fix. So I sat for a moment here and considered jumping on my head.

I was stung six times by bees on this day, it sucked pretty hard balls. You can see my right forearm getting all Popeyed out!

My right leg took three of the six stings.

I saw these "Throw-Ups" at the California Blue Line stop in Logan Square heading into work.

I received and invitation in the mail to a friends wedding. I sent him this photo along with the following message: "Consider this my RSVP, I will NOT be attending and you do NOT have my blessing. This wedding is Bullshit. You guys are both assholes".


"SLH" this is not my hand or my house.

Frozen or not these shrimp are fucking amazing and huge. I also almost threw up when the clerk rang the item at $46.00... For a bag of shrimp! I truly have occasional idiotic tendencies.

I got my shipment of AlphaBrain Nootropics so excited for "mental dominance". I took 2 this morning, threw a car into a house with my mind. For those that don't know about Nootropics... The first complete balanced nootropic ever created, Alpha BRAIN works on several fronts to help improve cognitive function, mental drive, and foster creativity through the dream state. Acetylcholine source nutrients are included to help raise sharpness and acuity, while powerful antioxidants are designed to give you mental drive and help eliminate brain fog. Dopamine source nutrients help foster increased motivation and the traditionally anti-stress nutrients L-theanine and Oatstraw provide focused calm in the eye of any storm.

Rare vegetarian meal I've prepped for myself. Balsamic marinated Tofu over Sweet Baby Lettuce with steamed and chilled White Asparagus. Topped with Honey Dijon Mustard dressing. Pretty Good...

But, this was better same lettuce and dressing with pan-fried Duck Leg Confit and fried and chilled Fingerling Potatoes. I've given into the idea that all elements should be chilled on a salad. The duck leg was kinda of warm, but not hot.

New Kombucha flavor "Grape Chia" like Chia Pet seeds! I love this stuff, the beverage was loaded with chia seeds. It's got high Omega-3s, I can't remember the amount but I think it was like 3X that of a 6-8oz portion of salmon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Standard Market Trip No. 2

This afternoon I decided I was in need of some groceries. I've been so god damned busy lately, I haven't had anything in my fridge for weeks! So, I smoked a bunch of weed and bought about $250 of amazing shit from this relatively new high-end grocery store near my house. Initially, I was just looking for something quick to eat for lunch, then get caught up in the moment of how great everything I was seeing looked! I love this place... Maybe even more since I was walking around the place like some kind of stupid poor person who had just won a scratch off lottery ticket, baked out of my skull, listening to astrophysicist Neil De Grasse Tyson's podcast "Startalk". As I go through everything I bought I will price out and give you the run down of the things I had the pleasure of putting in my stupid body. Tonight I got pretty deep into some lamb chops and bacon wrapped scallops. Here are the photos of the business I bought.

I started by drizzling a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO as my bitch of an ex-wife Rachel Ray might say...

Next, I added a little garlic and fresh ground pepper for seasoning...

Following that, I added some coarse crystal sea salt that looks like it came straight from a Wes Anderson film, absolutely would fuck this packaging if I could... I did.. I didn't.. did I?

This is the finished product, I can honestly say, they were absolutely delicious. I originally was going to grill them but ended up using the broiler in my oven. Slightly over cooked for what I wanted, they were medium, I was looking for medium rare, but I'm tellin' you... Still tasted amazing!

 After a couple of Vodka Drinks using this as my mixer...

I moved on to these tasty little buddies!

I've recently become obsessed with this Thai sweet chilli sauce. The scallops were topped with Mae Ploy and the same garlic pepper combo I used on the lamb chops.

And here is how these turned out, I did fire up the grill for them, equally as delicious as the lamb chops I consumed about an hour earlier, just a little more Oceany... I don't think I'll ever eat a carb again by the way. I want my abs to have abs that also have abs with tiny little baby abs on them... I wonder if scallops have abs?... I bet they don't. Actually, I think a scallop is just a singular ab. So, they do, it is... Sorry my Russian friends for not posting lately, have been very busy. More content coming for you weirdos soon. Also, what's up Netherlands? You guys are bitching out lately!! LOOK AT THIS BLOG! Bas is looking...