Friday, August 16, 2013

Amazon Prime Rulez No. 1

I will show you what I've purchased. BOOM. This is it! Above. See. It comes to the door. Way fast!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

33 Minute Post!!

I was watching on Some Shark Week last week. Saw a program about a rouge shark that roams the Louisiana bayou know to the French Hillbillies as "La Requin Fantome"... The Phantom Shark!! But that's practically the same as a Ghost Shark... Which is also what I am. Simply incredible breakthroughs occurred. 

Shortly after that, I was schooled up on some sinister 100ft Nazi Megaladon! This picture is total bullshit, if you need me to say it.

I decided to head up to my friends beach house in Indiana to see if any Nazi Magaldons were in the area... No. But I did figure a way to shoot a pic through my iPhone with BiNocs!! More breakthroughs...

Outside of sharks, this is a big reason for my not posting or doing anything computer related this summer. 29er! Much faster!

This is fucking awesome.

More awesome.

Remember people used to get shot for their sneakers? Or at least it was strong urban legend for a young suburban kid walking around Chicago in his new Jordans! But, what if people shot people for their sneakers with sneakers?... A SNEAKERSPLOSION!... coming to SyFy next month.

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Almost forgot about it until I saw this poster. Two movies I must re-watch; Critters and The Gate, with like 10 year old Stephan Dorf. DO IT!

Magic Blue Screen yields Xanax.

Okay that's it. 33 minute post.