Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-11/10d

Bendable light source that the crotch welcomes: part 3, the search for Curly's gold.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Big Picture...

Blood and bullet holes are seen on a car door after an unidentified man was murdered in Tijuana, northern Mexico.

Breaking Through...

I don't know too much about this book, my dad never read it to me. But if he had maybe I would have been gay.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Motivational Poster

See ideas like this are the reason I'll blurt out things like, "I think I'm going to start carrying a gun, like everywhere I go!" Because, no one is to be trusted, everyone is out to get you and you're barely in the grouping for an average penis size as an American male. Click to enlarge... not you're penis... Okay, Okay, I just Wiki'ed it, you're safely in the average length grouping, maybe on the plus even!! My advice is to stop watching so much porn with black dudes in it.

Stephen King Poster Re-Dos!

These are really cool eh? I'm a fan of the writer who goes by the name Stephen King whose horror stories are often adapted for TV and Movies! The simplicity behind the posters is what really make them work for me (get my motor going, boners, etc). Iconic imagery mixed with sharp and simple communicable execution = Graphic Design 101, good job whoever you are who made these... you're doing just fine sir! You may click on the image above so that you can see it better. Thanks!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Inspiration

The theme for this first "Daily Inspiration" post is to get dirty this fall.

Abandoned Six Flags

This is the type of thing that is right in my wheelhouse, I love post apocalyptic settings in movies and TV, not so sure I'd care too much for it as a reality but who knows. There's something about spaces once filled with people, created by people only to be a remnant or whisper of what was once there. A while back I photographed an abandoned water park by my house and this might be too much information, but I think I had an erection the entire time. Anyway enjoy the embedded video, this Six Flags was closed before Hurricane Katrina and hasn't opened back up yet... and won't. Also if your not watching The Walking Dead on AMC you should be Sunday nights!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weakness... But lets tweak this!

October was a very slow blog month for me, so slow in fact that the only thing I felt I should share with the hundreds of thousands of CDS5K followers was a gay ass light painted Dodge Challenger (see post below). I'm keeping a positive attitude about CDS5K and want to reassure you that we aren't going anywhere. I promise you that! I will strive to bring you the best in internet and randomness of mi vida loca... I guess it's really not that crazy, I mean I never killed anyone or anything, I may or may not have driven a car drunk, high on cocaine and in possession of a "stolen" (borrowed) UNLOADED handgun, but those were some dark days.

Speaking of Mi Vida Loca er Mi Vido Loco? I'd like to share this documentary that I am watching right now on my netflix instant called "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia". It's basically about this crazy fuckin hillbilly family named the Whites who are just generally awesome and love fucking shit up! HA!! There was just a scene where this one chick and her friend do coke in the hospital the day after she gives birth to her daughter! (You'll be relieved to know that when she returns to the hospital to get her baby she finds that she has been taken into custody by DCFS) See this god damned documentary ASAP!