Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Humbility Podcast Episode No. 1

After going through the process several times and "recording" pretty fun, organic conversations. We kept getting fucked by some weird feedback in garageband which apparently a lot of other people have had only to find that there is no solution for. So, after making all kinds of adjustments and improvising a little, we were able to pull together what we are calling the first episode of The Humility Podcast. The audio is fucked up at some parts, you may need to crank the volume up or down. But, give us a break we did this in one day. So, it's the ground floor, but we're humbled and excited for the future of our Podcast Experiment. HUMBILITY EP. 1

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Were Warned!

I know at this point it may seem a little cliche or pop culture-ish, but zombies have always been a legitimate fear for me. I remember laying on my couch a couple years ago reading Max Brook's World War Z and then having the power grid of my block shut down. I was like, "well shit... here they come". But, aside from the fact they have become a pop culture phenomenon, I have always loved/feared zombies and it would appear that it is justified, because although they may not be raising from the dead, there are people out there who will eat your fucking face! I spent a nice afternoon with my dad having lunch and getting mildly drunk when he let me know about this news story. Apparently, this dude was snorting bath salts or ingesting them in some other manner (maybe up his butt)... If you are unaware of "bath salts", it's basically a chemical compound that is completely legally sold... as "bath salts" but get this!... if you snort them, you get totally fucked up! To the point, again... where you will CHEW SOMEONE'S FUCKING FACE OFF! Here is the story of some asshole who snorted some bath salts and chewed a guys face of in Miami, the police ordered him to stop he growled at them and they proceeded to shoot him dead: 

The "zombie-like attack" in Miami on Saturday may have involved bath salts, a new form of LSD. Authorities say the man, shot by police for chewing off the face of a homeless person died in the cannibalism encounter, while the victim recovers in the hospital.

The weekend attack on Miami's MacArthur Causeway has law enforcement and medical authorities worried. The new illicit drug is cropping up in the streets and is behind similar attacks across the country as of late.

A man riding his bike along the bridge came across the gruesome "zombie" attack and called police after trying to intervene. Larry Vega gives this account of the horrific scene:

"The guy was like tearing him to pieces with his mouth, so I told him, Get off! You know it's like the guy just kept eating the other guy away, like ripping his skin. It was just a blob of blood. You couldn't really see, it was just blood all over the place."

Police said the man identified in the "zombie-like" attack on the hapless victim is 31-year-old Rudy Eugene. When authorities arrived on the scene of the man chewing off the victim's face, they shot and killed him after their orders to stop were ignored.

Doctors say bath salts causes a person to become very hot, violent, and delirious. Additionally, it causes the user to possess super-human strength due to the adrenaline rush.

Sources say Eugene frequented the area and was often seen looking confused. The unidentified victim in the drug-induced cannibal attack lost 75% to 85% of his face.

This is the gentleman who snorted bath salts and ate a guys face! Rudy Eugene, you done fucked up homeboy... you done fucked up :( This is the reason I plan and take the precautions I do. You come at me bro... I will chop you down and eat your fucking face!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Decoding the Alter-Ego...

If you just start seeing it everywhere, it may be an indication that it is manifesting itself within you, either as a separate entity or total transformation into a new one. It would be best if you can manage both, but alas, one must walk before they can run, and definitely before they can swim! ;) winkers. I'm so tired... So, so very tired!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I'm Doing Right Now No. 1

Totally original idea I just had, you tell the Internet in a short explanation what you are doing at that moment. I'm thinking of calling it Computer Death Scream. Enjoy

It's about 11:15 PM CST, I'm on a train, heading to union station, drinking a 22 oz Sapporo with a Sake side car...

Carnage Gaff!!!

Been pretty busy lately. But I've been very much getting back into comics over the past couple years. Even more so after C2E2, which is Chicago's Comic-Con... Well there is Wizard world too, I guess. But I think C2E2 is bigger. Anyway, here is a sweet Carnage graffiti piece!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Humbility Episode #0

Still figuring this whole podcasting thing out but its starting to come together a lil' bit... HUMBILITY PODCAST

Monday, May 14, 2012

Humbility Podcast Coming Soon!

I was hanging around with El Jefe this past weekend and we have been kicking around the idea of a podcast for a while now. As it turns out we are equally ego driven narcissists, enough to the point we feel that people would want to hear us talk about shit. We don't really have a format for this yet, or maybe never will. But we'd like it to be the kind of thing where we talk about ways that we are better than most people. Hence the title "Humbility" (I now know this is not a word). Below is a teaser for the podcast with Predator. I'm sure I'll talk about Predator(s) from time to time, especially since I used to be one. Maybe in the future I will start another podcast exclusively about predators. But yeah, as soon as we get something together I will obviously share the link to Humbility Podcast on CDS5K. Thanks!

Prairie Vodka Review...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughts on a Movie No. 20

Finally got around to seeing this long awaited comic team-up film that has been attempting (and succeeding) to build anticipation for comic and film nerds for the last few years. Going in expectations were kind of right in the middle, because I've been let down a lot with comic adaptations, but had heard good things. I've trained myself to not let film release expectations get too high, because ultimately I'm usually disappointed. But, with this middle of the road expectation level, I always pretty much have a good time at the movies. The first thing I noticed is how good the use of 3D seems to be getting. They don't pander as much to the medium by just throwing shit "at you". Instead they are using it to create rich shots with incredible depth and detail that really does enhance the viewing experience, specifically for something like avengers an action/adventure/bestiality film. Not too sure I can see the appeal of watching something like The Help in 3D, but who knows. Has Tyler Perry done 3D Madea movie yet?... Did Tyler Perry make The Help for that matter? Or am I just being slightly racist?... Of all the Avengers movies, I think I liked Iron Man and Thor the best. I feel like I should revisit the Hulk(s) though. Which by the way, I think Mark Ruffalo played a great Bruce Banner, I don't know how many hours this man spent in a make-up chair becoming the Hulk, but he deserves an Oscar (I know it's CG tardos).

The first act of the film did a really good job in bringing together all the members of the Avengers and sort of recapping who they were and what personality and power dynamics they would bring to the group. Basically the story is this, Loki a demigod and Thor's brother from Asgaurd, has gotten his hands on the Tesseract, some sort of limitless universal power source that he intends to enslave the human race with. One-Eyed Super Spy Nick Fury (Sam L. Jackson or O.E.S.S.N.F officially) and S.H.I.E.L.D., an ancient old organization who's soul mission is to protect the human race, has reopened the Avengers initiative to combine the powers of the greatest super heroes against the threat of Loki. They added a new character in this one, Hawkeye, who is played by Jeremy Renner, right of the bat he gets possessed by Loki, but, kind of nice to add something fresh to the cast. Black Widow doesn't really add too much to the storyline, they try to play her as some kind of master interrogator, but the "Ah-Ha" scene in which she figures out Loki's plan makes no sense as to how she got there, Point A did not lead to Point B, more like Point A to Point Z with no deductive Points between. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm the asshole here, I'm really just looking for something I didn't like and it's hard because there really wasn't anything bad about it. Definitely the most fun I've had at the movies in a while. Captain America's character didn't really do anything for me at first. But, later he begins to fill his role as the "leader" of the Avengers, he may not have the most overwhelming force or superpower, but he can bark orders and pull the team back together in times of dismay.

There is a teaser after the end credits scene that I almost missed, thank goodness I stayed per the advice of CDL. What am I new!?! Anyway the cut scene after the end credits is worth the extra couple of minutes almost pissing your pants. They introduce Galactus to be the villain in the next Avengers team-up, which I also expect will have some additional team members, considering just about every Marvel character had teamed up with them at some point. But in the end, it left me wanting more, like a homo hobo in a cash prize dick sucking contest.

I will present 4.5 out of 5 deathmarx for this super fun movie. I barely swore at all in this post,
we are growing up!! Except for that end part about the gay homeless person blowing dicks.. Pretty good tho.

Quote of the Movie:
Thor: He's my brother [about Loki]
Black Widow: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: ...He's adopted

UPDATE: I Guess it was Thanos at the end... Not Galactus

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Infamous Russian "Machine" Story

A long while back I heard comedian Bert Kreischer tell a story on Joe Rogan's podcast in which he befriended Russian mobsters during a Florida State class trip. It is one of the craziest experiences I have ever heard coming out of a study abroad program, and maybe even ever. I even found a animation that portrays the story in a South Park-ian narrative. A little background on BK from Wikipedia is below the video window.


"In 1997, he was featured in Rolling Stone as the "top partier" at Florida State University, the "top party school in the US", while he was in his sixth year of college. The Rolling Stone article was the inspiration for the 2002 movie Van Wilder."

"Kreischer appeared as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience and revealed that the story of National Lampoon's Van Wilder was loosely based on his own life. After the Rolling Stone article was written about Kreischer's "party" lifestyle, he had gotten the attention of Oliver Stone, who had wished to develop a film based on his life. Upon receiving numerous script submissions, the deal had apparently fallen apart and all the writers had retained the intellectual rights to their work. One of these writers had supposedly changed Kreischer's name on their script and sold it to National Lampoon which eventually became the basis for Van Wilder. He also revealed this two years earlier on the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius Satellite Radio."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

More CDS5K Sponsorship

Thanks to the iPad and Best Buy!!

Cheesy Bites Pizza CDS5K Update Post

Answer to UK's hot dog crust pizza? Possibly. I saw a commercial for this at Curves while I was on the elliptical. The problem is, there are culinary status quos for different parts of the world. What may appeal to the American taste buds, may not over seas and vise versa. But at least they rebooted the stuffed crust pizza. I'm not gonna eat it because I don't wanna be a fat person. But knock yourselves out, I'm not gonna judge as long as u are happy with yourself. Eat all the cheesy bites pizza from Pizza Hut official sponsor of csk5k and the 2012 summer Olympics in London, you want!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hitchcockian Nintendo GFX!

I have always loved Hitchcock, I can't say when exactly this love became... actually, yes I can... I was a lil' ass kid on a family vacation in Disney World and there was this awesome Alfred Hitchcock 3D sound stage thing that blew my horror & violence starved young mind! This was actually at Universal Studios Orlando, not technically part of "Disney World", but it may as well be, you know? HEY, you listening to me buddies!? Anyway, Alfred Hitchcock love expressed through Nintendo cover art. Don't forget friends, buddies and amigos, you can always click to enlarge photo to full-sized enjoyment.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza - USA Let Down

We really fudged up you guys, we did. I was driving into work this morning and discovered that Pizza-Hut UK, and Middle East have been smoking us in the pizza innovation department. Who would have thought we could be out-'Merica'ed!!? Remember in the not too distant past the mind blowing concept that was the cheese stuffed crust pizza? It was glorious, you knew it with out even having to have tried it. That pizza was going to change the world forever... and it did. The problem is we stopped there. While other potential future culinary terror from the UK & Middle East continued to push the envelope. They really took the novelty pizza crust business to the next level y'all. The most recent of these innovations is the "Hot Dog Stuffed Crust" pizza (with a "FREE" Mustard Drizzle). Laugh if you will, but truly think about how many times you've been eating a slice of pizza, you are just about done and you're like "Maaan, I wish this pizza was a hot dog right now..." Well guess what buddies!? IT IS!!
If you think this is the first stroke of pizza innovation from our friends across the pond and sleeper dessert pizza slinging genius's, wrong again dip shit, just like always.They've been making something by the name of The Crown Crust Pizza. There are a couple variations on this wonderfully engineered pizza, I give you the Chicken Nugget Crust and Cheeseburger Crust pizza's!