Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10h

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I was getting in my car today and I thought to myself, "Wow, that's really pretty kinda." I'm gonna take a picture of that stuff. Have a nice Saturday internet, don't get too drunk and have an emotional breakdown... I love you.

Spooky Cheese

Too Cool to Title No. 2

Playcreation Corner No. 1

Giant radioactive Nicholas Cage takes over a post-apocalyptic nuclear winterized Chicago while an African warlord acts as our protector... that's what we're calling this piece.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WWDDD? No. 3

No catchy tag lines, no professional athletes or rock stars. Just a man making some kind of cryptic chart on his new Apple II. Meanwhile his wife forces a smile as she try's to push the thought of killing her husband out of her mind. This is what you call Advertising.

Masthead - 07/27/10

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Facebook Screen Capture No.1

So, I blurred out the people's name's and profile picture to protect their anonymity. After all the context of the update is an unfortunate one, as one of my FB friends lost his grandma on this day. I'm not posting this to make light of someone losing a loved one, rather the utter retarded-ness of one of their FB friends.... "at least they got .50 cent wings today!"... Thanks asshole!

Rayguns are real

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Ice Cube & Moms

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10g

V-Necks Here! Get your Deep V-Neck Here! Smalls, Extra Small and Extra Extras for you weak lil' Hipstas!

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10f

I got out of the car, broke his glasses, gave him a wedgie and took his lunch money.

WWDDD? No. 2

What Would Don Draper Do? No.2 (Mad Men Season 4 starts this Sunday on AMC!) is this lovely set of tattooed Lego men for Pilot Pens extra fine point. I will say this about Pilot, they make a nice smooth writing pen, in fact, I might even go pick up a 5-pack of blacks or blues today, I can afford it. So, the sell here is that Pilot Pens extra fine points are so fine you can create incredibly detailed faux tattoos on your little Lego men.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The LaBron James Interview

If you can believe it, I actually conducted a phone interview with "The King" LeBron James on Monday evening, this is that interview:

Me: Thank you so much for speaking with me, I know how busy you must be right now with the big move and all.

LaBron James:
Happy to do it, I’m a big fan of CDS5K.

I wish I could say the same thing about you sir.

LBJ: So, I’m guessing you’re from Cleveland?...

(We share a long and hearty laugh)

M: Do you have any pets LaBron?

LBJ: No, I’m on the road too much, it wouldn’t be fair to the animal.

How do you think you’ll like playing for the Me-A-Me Dolphins?

Come on man, are you retarded?


LBJ: No you’re not!


M: What’s your favorite TV show?

Even though it slightly before my time, I really love “In Living Color”. Anything the Wayans brothers do actually, them and Tyler Perry’s stuff is just on a whole other level.

M: Now that’s something we CAN agree on!

(More shared laughter)

LBJ: Can I ask you a question?

Of course!

LBJ: What are you doing for dinner tonight?

M: Are you asking me on a date LaBron James?

LBJ: What if I am?

Yes, LaBron... A thousand times, yes.

Friday, July 16, 2010

WWDDD? No. 1

Occasionally I will post fun and clever ads up in here. Actually they don't have to be fun or clever, I just have to like them. So I want to do more of this but it needs a post tag so I came up with "WWDDD?" (What Would Don Draper Do?) If you don't already watch Mad Men you should check it out, its pretty tasty! Here is WWDDD? No. 1...

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Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10e

Summer time back yard porch stoopin"!


July 16th 2010 will serve as the world's official "Kumite Day", for those of you unfamiliar with what the sacred Kumite is... Please refer to the 1988 classic film staring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Daniel-Day Lewis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mikey-Motorboat Januska. There's really nothing else to this post other than the following things: (1) You should watch Bloodsport this weekend (2) hyphenated names are funny and (3) July 16th is officially Kumite Day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10d


Look, I'm definitely not in the minority when I say, "I... Love... Sandwiches!" I mean I've had that lil' baby slide show going in the right column for how long now?... I don't even think it even shows sandwiches anymore but, whatever. I came upon this innovative solution for making sandwiches, easier, I guess. They are called Candwiches and they are sandwiches that come in a can. I'm all for ease of living and that requires eating.... so:


This is the equation that makes candwiches a winner in my book. Here is a list of some of the sandwiches you'll be able to eat out of a can... you worthless... OKAY: Strawberry PB&J, Grape PB&J, BBQ Chicken, Pepperoni Pizza (sandwich?, the line is beginning to blur a bit here) and French Toast (love french toast sandwiches!). I don't know why I'm not seeing a classic like the French Dip w/ Au Jus packet or a nice Rueben or something... If they make a tuna salad, they are just being dicks I think, Imagine what that BBQ chicken smells like... yuck!

also below you'll find a link to the source, I've found that this is proper blogging etiquette.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick Thought from Notes No. 1

"The Exit is like the Rain Forest Cafe of punk rock bars... The Rain Forest Cafe is the Benicio Del Toro of forests."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10c

Here is a picture from the train vestibule...

Space Corn...

I don't know why I made this, but I did...

Anarcho Death Screen (G20)

Found this picture of a G20 protester, hating on this Canadian coffee and doughnut chain... So I figured she... (looks like a she, no?) hates the things I listed...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10b

Let me try and set the scene here; it's the evening of the 4th of July. A dizzy, young, blindfolded man takes a swing and connects with a yellow T-Rex pinata. He lifts the blindfold, still dizzied and steadies himself by gently leaning against a light post... And that's when all hell broke loose! For whatever reason the post fell in the only parking spot not occupied on all of Logan Blvd.

Cell Phone Pic - CDS5K-07/10a

As most of you know I have 4 B's that really shape my Affliction T-Shirt Wearin' lifestyle: Bros, Bitches, Beer and most important, my BODY! It's not easy to keep my pecs juiced and my lats shredded and my abs cranked, but diet is a huge part of it. You stick to some of the things pictured, you and your bros will be having beers, shirtless with bitches all over you!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Real Talk...

Here's another recent great example of Hip-Hop/R&B's unintentional comedy provided by one of the best in the biz!!

Walkin in tha Rain...

This is a nice little precurser to what i'm calling Hip-Hop/R&B's unintentional comedy, this starts getting really good around the 2:30 mark, so hang in there...