Thursday, July 11, 2013

New (Old) Vans / (And a) TEST

Holy shit, this app is jankier than shit. This is an attempt once again to make blogging more convenient for me. But these mobile apps just don't seem to cut it. Oh well, more of just nothing from CDS5K for a while. Prolly sorry bro, because I'm out shredding AD/ED. Summertime in Chicago is a reason to step away from your jag box or crank station (it may seem like I'm making video game console refs, but I'm talking about my computer where I masturbate), and this is my excuse for never posting. Rest assured depression will kick back in and I'll be back behind the monitor come winter 2013-14. I'm thinking about titling this winter, "CHIWINT13/14: 'Sgonna be a Shit". 

Prepare to launch mobile test post...

¡Go fu uselves!

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